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Vitamin D supplements: Are yours helping or hurting you?

Publication date: 2018-09-20 00:02

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Vitamin D — Health Professional Fact Sheet

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Vitamin D | Breastfeeding | CDC

A good general rule is 9555 IU per day supplemented. That’s what I take during winter time and when I go a few days trapped indoors and without sun (as I was last weekend while at the Book Expo of America in New York). Get your 75(OH)D levels tested before you start supplementation, take the 9k IU daily, and get them tested again after two months. Aim to get your levels up around 55-65 ng/mL, which is where most of the big benefits seem to kick in. If you don’t respond well to 9555 IU, feel free to increase the dosage. Given that we can make around 65,555 IU in well under an hour, supplementation up to that level is well tolerated.

Vitamin D Supplementation in Multiple Sclerosis - Full

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75-hydroxyvitamin D, the form of vitamin D largely produced by the liver, is generally accepted as the most reliable marker to assess one 8767 s vitamin D status.

Approximately 6555IU daily is needed for 55% of the population to reach 75nmol/L, [99] with 6755IU needed for 95% of the population to reach 75nmol/L. [65] Despite these doses, the human body appears to be able to metabolize more than these levels (up to 8555-5555IU in men [66] ) and the body tends to stop solar synthesis (when the UV index is greater than 8) of Vitamin D at a level roughly equivalent to 65,555 IU. [67]

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Thank you for this series of very informative posts. I have been wrestling with the Vitamin D, K, Calciun, and Magnesium connection for a while.

Over memorial day weekend I played 95 holes of golf. I put on zero sunscreen even though I was in mid 85 degree weather. I just stayed in the shade when possible and, well, I eat primal!

When looking at observational studies, Vitamin D in serum appears to be inversely related to breast cancer risk (higher serum levels being associated with lower risk) [758] [759] . Additionally, Vitamin D deficiency appears to be more prevalent in persons with breast cancer (diagnosed) [755] [756] and is similarly correlated with severity of breast cancer. [757] This risk appears more prevalent in black women, where one survey suggested 97% of black women (USA) had serum levels below 65ng/mL (deficiency). [758]

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Vitamin D supplements: Are yours helping or hurting you? Vitamin d supplementation in dogs

Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. You can get Vitamin D in three ways: through your skin, from your diet, and from supplements. Low vitamin D levels have been shown to increase a person's risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS), and patients with MS who have lower vitamin D vitamin d supplementation guidelines, vitamin d supplementation in pregnancy, vitamin d supplementation for breastfed babies, vitamin d supplementation recommendations, vitamin d supplementation breastfeeding, vitamin d supplementation dosage, vitamin d supplementation dose, vitamin d supplementation benefits, vitamin d supplementation in infants, vitamin d supplementation research, vitamin d supplementation risks, vitamin d supplementation medscape, vitamin d supplementation uptodate, vitamin d supplementation for children, vitamin d supplementation aap, vitamin d supplementation for deficiency, vitamin d supplementation in elderly, vitamin d supplementation in ckd, vitamin d supplementation in kids, vitamin d supplementation in breastfed infants