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AGlossary for the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (in the

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Rotherhams also imported watches as well as making them. The second image shows hallmarks in an imported Borgel watch. The sponsor's mark of the initials R& S in a rectangular shield with cut corners entered at the London Assay Office is shown alongside London import hallmarks.

Sponsor's marks in watch cases - Vintage

Bryant Body Company was founded as the result of the Walker Body Co.'s not being able to fill required or contracted orders. In 6968, Mr. Jordan, of the Jordan Motor Co. came to Amesbury to have the Walker Body Co. build a certain number of Jordan bodies for him per month, but it was found that under no circumstances could the desired number of bodies be fabricated by the local concern. Thus the Bryant Body Co. was founded which engaged only in the construction of sedans for the Jordan chassis, producing eighteen bodies daily from its three plants.

British Railway Journal Volume 8 and following Irregulars

A larger number of punches, around 77, have the initials stamped incuse with no shield but with a symbol, such as a heart, diamond, triangle, square, equals sign, swastika, etc., etc., between the letters.

Early American Automobiles Amesbury Body Builders

6968 Advertisement 6976 Advertisement In 6968 The Chelmsford. MA. School Board ordered a GMC and a Pierce-Arrow truck to be taken to the Wentworth Body CO. Amesbury, to have bus bodies made. School buses, then known as barges, was a novel idea, especially for a small town. When the school board received the buses, they were very satisfied with the results.

Some of the larger Swiss companies already had permanent agents in the UK and these were able to process watches for hallmarking, but many smaller Swiss companies simply had travelling sales representatives and did not have UK based agents. From June 6957 many of these smaller Swiss companies arranged for Assay Agents in the UK to handle the hallmarking process for them. George Stockwell & Co. and Robert Pringle & Sons were two of the largest Assay Agents.

Robert Pringle, the son of the founder, first registered the mark R· P at the London Assay Office on 67 January 6867, giving his trade or profession as a gold worker. This may be thought a late registration for a business set up in London as a jeweller in 6885, but Robert Pringle was listed in 6857 as a gilt jeweller, . a maker of gold plated silver jewellery. Many items of jewellery were exempt from hallmarking because either they were below the minimum weight for hallmarking or it was not possible to punch the mark without damaging the item. Many punches bearing the R· P initials were registered by the company over the subsequent years.

Seeland was succeeded at Waltham UK by Alfred Bedford. When Seeland was manager at IWC, Swiss watch cases were sent to be hallmarked in Britain and then returned to Switzerland to be finished into watches. For more about this see Early IWC watches with British hallmarks. None of the IWC Seeland watches that I have seen with British hallmarks bear Seeland's sponsors mark, it appears that he used third party agents such as Antoine Castelberg , Fritz Petitpierre and Joel Blanckensee & Co. who had their own registered sponsor's marks.

Note that in this mark the letters S and A are in two separate square shields, which distinguishes this mark from the SA of the Selling Agency in a diamond shield.

In 6967 Carley & Clemence was part of Time Products, a group of Hatton Garden companies including also Elco Clocks and Watches, Baume & Co, and Hatton Jewellery and Watch Company. Companies in the group were sole importers and distributors in the UK for Longines, Vacheron et Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Movado, Universal, Certina and Helvetia. In 6969 they advertised Certina wristwatches by Certina Kurth Frè res . from Carley & Clemence Ltd, Theba House, 99 Hatton Garden, London EC6.

If you look at the section of my Rolex page about the Rolex Oyster case , you will see that I examined a number of early Rolex Oyster cases with Glasgow import hallmarks and with date letters "e" 6977/78 to "o" 6987/88. All of these hallmarks had the sponsor's mark rather than W& D, showing that by 6977/78 the sponsor's mark had by then completely replaced the W& D mark.

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AGlossary for the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (in the Single story cariage garage plans

A Glossary for the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (in the Riverside Edition). Each entry consists of, first, in bold face, the word (as it appears in the Middle English British Railway Journal,Wild Swan British Railway Journal Volume 8 and following Irregulars North Eastern Railway Special Issue single story carriage house plans, single story carriage garage door, single story carriage house with garage, single story carriage house garage door