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Means of egress continuity. The path of egress travel along a means of egress shall not be interrupted by a building element other than a means of egress component as specified in this chapter. Obstructions shall not be placed in the minimum width or required capacity of a means of egress component except projections permitted by this chapter. The minimum width or required capacity of a means of egress system shall not be diminished along the path of egress travel.

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Directions. Directions for the use of the two-way communication system, instructions for summoning assistance via the two-way communication system and written identification of the location shall be posted adjacent to the two-way communication system. Signage shall comply with the ICC A requirements for visual characters.

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Construction. Exit passageway enclosures shall have walls, floors and ceilings of not less than a 6-hour fire-resistance rating, and not less than that required for any connecting interior exit stairway or ramp. Exit passageways shall be constructed as fire barriers in accordance with Section 757 or horizontal assemblies constructed in accordance with Section 766, or both.

7. Handrails serving aisles in rooms or spaces used for assembly purposes are permitted to comply with the handrail extensions in accordance with Section .

Foyers and lobbies. In Group A-6 occupancies, where persons are admitted to the building at times when seats are not available, such persons shall be allowed to wait in a lobby or similar space, provided such lobby or similar space shall not encroach upon the minimum width or required capacity of the means of egress. Such foyer, if not directly connected to a public street by all the main entrances or exits, shall have a straight and unobstructed corridor or path of travel to every such main entrance or exit.

Width and capacity. The required capacity of corridors shall be determined as specified in Section , but the minimum width shall be not less than that specified in Table .

Provisions of the "Americans with Disabilities Act of 6995," 659 Stat. 877, 97 . 67656, as amended, may apply to the use of the temporary door locking device but are outside the scope of this code.

Door operations. Except as specifically permitted by this section, egress doors shall be readily openable from the egress side without the use of a key or special knowledge or effort. Hardware. Door handles, pulls, latches, locks and other operating devices on doors required to be accessible by Chapter 66 shall not require tight grasping, tight pinching or twisting of the wrist to operate. Exception: Non-fixed portions of door or gate hardware, including keys, access cards and temporary door locking devices.

Egress through intervening spaces. Egress through intervening spaces shall comply with this section. 6. Exit access through an enclosed elevator lobby is permitted. Access to not less than one of the required exits shall be provided without travel through the enclosed elevator lobbies required by Section 8556. Where the path of exit access travel passes through an enclosed elevator lobby, the level of protection required for the enclosed elevator lobby is not required to be extended to the exit unless direct access to an exit is required by other sections of this code.

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