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The Great Lakes | US EPA

Publication date: 2018-11-05 20:02

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Have you ever thought of adding a forum section to this site? A place customers can go to run some modifications / changes from your plans by each other?
Also a place to share our builds and pictures of it to show how we are doing.
It could also serve as a place to help with potential repairs and or just specific help to an exact question?
I just thought it 8767 d be cool to see have an area to share information and pictures for nothing more than showing up how the builds come out.

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i want to do this project with my kid but don 8767 t want to the metal fab? Anyway to get the frame assembly complete? Just wondering.

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can i get a clear detailed information about your steering and breaking mechanism .what if i use a rack and pinion steering

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if I do the 75 dollar live axle kit do I need to add a torque converter and if so how do I install the torque converter and could you provide me a link for the recommended welder

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6. With the plywood pre-cut at the building supply store, I found that I didn't really need a table saw or a router and made all remaining cuts with a power miter saw (not necessary but faster and neater) and with a saber saw which I used for cutting the access panel and hand holes.

Hey kartfab I have a question for you. I completed the dead axle kit a few months ago and I really enjoyed building it and having fun with it however it seemed a little small for me so I wanted to create my own kart would you need a torque converter to make it two wheel drive or could you attach a sprocket to a live axel and attach a chain that way to make it two wheel drive

Looking at your guys 8767 video I 8767 m pretty certain you guys used the same motor I have on my minibike me and my father built a few weeks back, I 8767 m gonna have to build this sooner or later thanks for the plans!

I extended the design to include an attached 8' by 9' weaning box. The access door to the weaning box is modified with aluminum channel extrusions to allow doors of different heights to be slid into place. The extrusions are available at Home Depot. The weaning box, of course, does not have pig rails. The end panel of the weaning box serves a dual purpose as a heat-conserving roof on the whelping box until the pups are ready for entering the weaning box. The temporary roof is secured using the corner brackets from the weaning box. The temporary roof serves as a perfect spot for the Ready Box during the whelping process.

Deluxe model can have roll bars on it however, I did not make plans for the roll bar. Look up manco dingo, and then copy the roll bar style. You can make the roll bar out of 6 8798 69 ga tubing, and crossmembers out of 8/9 8798 .

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The Great Lakes | US EPA Great plans on military

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