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15 Grammatical Errors that Make You Look Silly

8775 Also, in the US, commas and periods always go inside quotation marks, not outside. This convention is consistently followed in academia and throughout the publishing industry. 8776

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Following strict logic would have them outside the quote, which is why it probably became the standard elsewhere, but this looks ugly to some.

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[By the way, weren 8767 t you just now being snicketty-picketty about Brian 8767 s use of the word 8775 grammar 8776 ?]]

Amazon itself is paying attention to grammar and deleting e-books that don 8767 t abide by good communication protocols.

yes, yes, yes! And also all of the strange letter formations of 8766 yea 8767 instead of yeah or yay, 8766 yeh 8767 instead of yay or yeah and, 8766 heh 8767 instead of hee (hee hee) to name but a few. Call me crazy it 8767 s ok, you 8767 re not the 6st but these drive me nuts! Or even more nuts 🙂

I agree that its meaning is changing, but I don 8767 t think people are doing it on purpose. I think the vast majority of people just genuinely misunderstand the meaning of the word, haha.

I LOVE this article. I have a friend who moved here from Mexico a few years ago. She is training in English to be a translator. She knows more about English language than most of the people I know that are natives. With texting and our 8775 shorthand 8776 , our language is slowly dying out!

I originally wrote, 8775 Communication about clearer sentences seems to catalyze 8776 . Then I added the bit about supportive suggestions and basically rewrote the sentence except I didn 8767 t change the verb (which you eagle-eyed).

One thing that wasn 8767 t covered is the increasing use of the apostrophe for plurals box 8767 s instead of boxes, for example. This also drives me crazy!

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$/1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Spread – Safeway Can you mix allegra and benadryl

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