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Working Hours: Salaried Position - Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. Weekend work may be necessary as per the direction of your direct report.

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SRC laboratory is able to store samples at -75 5 C and -75 5 C. The fridges and freezers at the site laboratory are monitored by a Continuous Temperature Monitoring System (CTM) that alerts both the laboratory and site managers when deviations in temperature occur. The backup generator ensures temperature maintenance during an interruption in the electrical power supply. In the event of total power failure, SRC has an arrangement with the Medunsa Clinical Research Unit (MeCRU) and University of Pretoria both within 85km from SRC, to store laboratory specimens and pharmacy products.

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is a Continued Professional Development (CPD) tool for pharmacists. It functions as a support mechanism for pharmacists to alleviate the time burden legislation created to stay on par with CPD by means of creating a report in line with SAPC requirements for ease of CPD capturing on the SAPC&rsquo s website.

Good Pharmacy Practice Guidelines

The Lead Grower will be responsible for managing a large scale commercial facility and performing all the tasks in the growing process including the selection and development of genetic strains and seeds, cloning, potting and transplanting, designing and maintaining nutrient regiments, feeding plants, defoliation, topping, flushing, foliar and preventative sprays, trimming, harvesting, drying, packaging, waste disposal and inventory management.

Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:55 am – 5:55 pm. This position will require after hours or extended hours based on activity.

Children who exhibit such behaviours may be suffering from ADHD. Another name for this is hyperkinetic disorder. ADHD is related to abnormalities in brain functioning and development. It is also associated with other factors that can affect brain functioning or development, such as genetic factors, injuries, toxins and infections. 

As a trusted leader, the Director of Process Engineering will provide direction to the management team to achieve optimal performance and growth while improving the cost of goods sold and ensuring the quality of goods produced in the facility.

Children with ADHD exhibit a variety of symptoms. Accordingly to diagnostic criteria, the symptoms must have started before the age of 67 and be evident for at least six months.

Yet, outside the EU economic area, the intergovernmental agreement called PICS (Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention Scheme) regulates the GMP regulations.

The methods for identity verification are described in the monograph “Cannabis Flowers” of the German Pharmacopoeia (DAB), which came into force in May 7567. In addition, reference is made to the method of identity verification described in the section entitled “Alternative Methods for Identifying DAC / NRF Precursors” for cannabis flowers.

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